Still Don’t Think Theism is a Mind Disorder…Part Deux

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Since there have been so many things that I wanted to address in the comments, plus the fact that it got long as hell, I decided to post it here. Enjoy.


No atheism here.Submitted by Fenriz on January 13, 2008 – 2:37pm.

Religion is different from illegal drugs because it is societally protected. Even if religion is destructive, it won’t carry the same stigma as drugs because too many people support it. Your analogy is more effective with tobacco and alcohol, which are both traditionally accepted features of our culture despite the harms they can inflict. Because they are so ingrained in our culture, we won’t get rid of them regardless the problems to which they contribute (though tobacco could be teetering on the brink of extinction).

I agree that it is considered taboo to critique religion too harshly, but is that respect deserved? Would we not be better off as a society if events such as these didn’t happen? Some people will find other reasons to engage in destructive behaviors, but why not eliminate as many potential catalysts as possible?

Personally, I find the analogy with drugs, alcohol and nicotine included, to be particularly appropriate as analogous to religion. People often become just as addicted to religion as they would to any drug, it appears that susceptible people harm themselves or others as a result of their addiction, and the most frequently used excuse for not criticizing religion is that it makes people feel good. Well, so does heroin…read more

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