How to Respond to a Supercilious Christian

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Not all Christians are supercilious, of course. Many are content to live and let live, and some even grant that science (despite its lack of supernatural entities) does some good. But Christianity as an organized, evangelizing movement has been on the offensive lately. Witness the new wave of evangelicals and their leaders such as Rick Warren, Lee Strobel, and William Lane Craig with their aggressive stance against scientific materialism and their bestselling books attempting to refute science. So, assuming you’re an atheist, what do you say to the theist who asks, “You don’t (chuckle) believe in a god (snicker)?”

Anybody familiar with the original article will see that the preceding paragraph is the same paragraph as the opening to “How to Respond to a Supercilious Atheist” by Alan Roebuck. By changing a few words, the same attack can be launched right back at him, and the rest of the article isn’t much better. It appears to be a primer in projection. After all, when in doubt, just accuse them of being just like you.

Roebuck advises his fellow theists to take a different approach to defending the faith-instead of coming up with actual evidence, you should just tell atheists how our worldview is the one that is based on assumptions and presuppositions. He eschews using the First Cause argument and the defense of miracles because, “No matter what evidence you give, the supercilious atheist finds a way to dismiss it.” I wonder if he has ever considered that it may be dismissed because it is not valid evidence.

The First Cause argument doesn’t work because, at best, it can only be used to show that something created the universe, and that something is not necessarily Yahweh. It could be another god or a multitude of gods. Even that is questionable, though, due to the fact that they have yet to show that the universe itself is contingent upon some necessary being and not the necessary “being” itself. I would also advise theists to drop this argument from their arsenal, but not in favor of Roebuck’s plan.

Roebuck states that, “it is not the case that your evidence for God is valid but nevertheless is cancelled out by his superior evidence against God.” Gee, Sherlock, where can I find this “evidence against God?” How about the absolute penury of evidence for god? Theists have not yet grasped the concept of the burden of proof, apparently. It’s really simple, so I find it astounding that it is so easily dismissed-the one who makes the positive claim (ie-god exists) is the one who has to prove that claim, not the person who is in the default position of suspension of belief due to lack of evidence (ie-as far as we know, god does not exist). As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, if you believe something without sufficient evidence, you are irrational.

Roebuck claims that atheism’s vulnerability lies in the “false worldview” that we hold that only material, objectively verifiable things exist. First of all, this is not true. Not all atheists are scientific materialists. There are many who believe lots of different wacky theories that don’t involve a god and there are others with other notions of how the universe operates. This argument is only applicable to a portion of atheists who also hold a materialistic worldview.

Roebuck then claims that scientific materialists assume this and have come to their conclusion before examining the evidence. (Is the projection evident yet?) The only evidence that exists is physical, material, verifiable, and falsifiable. The existence of god is none of the above. Any religious statement can be considered factually meaningless by virtue of the fact that it doesn’t meet the falsifiability criterion. The only assumptions being made here are that god exists and it’s up to atheists to disprove that. Obviously, Roebuck doesn’t understand that this is impossible, and that is the very reason why we can say that no evidence for such an entity exists…(read more)

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I would like to inform you all the the Jesus bus campaign is underway and more information can be found at

do you really beleive there is no God or do you just prefer to discuss something that is inconclusive to the natural man?

I have looked at the atheist bus campaign and the Jesus bus campaign and to be honest the Christians are right. We need to Love one another.

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