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Well, despite the gazillion articles that I could be responding to right now, I’ve decided to update everybody on some general info and address some of the feedback I’ve gotten.

First of all, the focus on “print” media has shifted slightly, and I have been addressing a lot more of the online publications than not. I guess there’s not that much difference these days anyway, since the majority of people get their news and information online. Obviously, D’Souza keeps popping up. I swear that guy is either just republishing excerpts from his book in his blog, or he’s glued to his keyboard. Some of my most popular posts, though, were ones that didn’t address a single target, but instead an issue or a compilation of similar stories.

The most popular post on my blog so far has been “Still Don’t Think Theism is a Mental Disorder.” Behind that would be the “News Story from Belgium…” story on the Islamic man who wouldn’t allow a male anesthesiologist to treat his wife who needed an emergency cesarean section. As much fun as it is to beat up on Dinesh and Pope Ratzi, I guess variety is a benefit.

I’ve been getting a surprisingly good response from online publications lately. I’ve been posting at for a while now, and they do have an editorial review process, and so far every article I’ve submitted has been published, and the “Humans Don’t Need to Comfort Themselves with Fairy Tales” article was their most popular op-ed of the day on Jan 28. (So I have a cute little “promoted to column top” message on it now.) I’ve also started up a little group there for atheist news and opinions called “Confronting Religious Hegemony” and anybody can create an account and join the group and comment on things. Any links or articles do get reviewed, though. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from that site, and for you naysayers who insist that nobody could ever actually like my blog, I’ll include some-with links for verification, of course.

This is my main author page.

From “Pope Benedict Releases Bigoted Encyclical…

Nice Job Kelly

Kelly makes some great points, but often those of a theistic mindset simply cannot hear the facts and instead submit to the dogma that the churches espouse. As the author notes, the atrocities that the communist regimes committed are almost invariably pulled out as a trump card for the theists; despite that it has been refuted innumerable times.

One area of interest I have is how technology and world population plays a role in making violence easier to export and communicate. Had those in the Inquisition had access to radio communications, guns, bombs, war industry and population densities that would put several thousand victims in one building, can anyone argue that religious crusades would not have been significantly more violent?

Now we have 14th century Islam actively pursuing 21st century weapons. It makes me shudder. Be afraid . . . be very afraid.

by FVThinker

And this is one of my favorites. Obviously, this guy has had issues with the previous commenter before.


God Damn it, Andris! She didn’t say anything about denying religious believers, moderate or otherwise, the right to their views. She has neither the desire or power to make religion illegal and impose any penalties, ranging from a slow and painful death to only a fine, on people professing any of religions many varieties.

What you fail to understand is that there is a difference between saying a belief is absurd and denying people the right to believe it. True, there are degrees of probability to which we know beliefs to be true or false and in matters we are uncertain about, the word absurd would be inappropriate. But some beliefs are known to be true or false with a high probability. Thus I know that the earth is round with a high degree of certainty and I have no hesitation in saying that the beliefs of the flat earthers are false. That doesn’t mean I want to outlaw the flat earthers. Their believing such absurdities neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.

I guess it doesn’t matter, though. Since you keep repeating that beliefs are matters of personal inclination, the beliefs to which your personal inclinations incline you are no more true than mine or anyone else’s beliefs, and we need not concern ourselves about it.

Robert Halfhill

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