Atheist Divisiveness and Dogmatism

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Lately, I’ve been realizing that, despite what I had come to believe, religion is not the biggest danger to society. Poor thinking is. Adherence to mindless dogmatism is. The self-serving desire to fit everybody into a mold, likely similar to your own, is. These traits are unfortunately not limited to theists.

Obviously, being a member of the Rational Response Squad puts me in a position to be critiqued and vilified by the people who possess the aforementioned character flaws, and recently I’ve been seeing it almost constantly. It literally pains me to see that so many who have managed to escape religion still cling to so many other similarly irrational ideas and use such blatantly poor logic-particularly if it involves us. Have we done some controversial things? Sure. Are we brash, loud-mouthed, occasionally immature, and possibly arrogant? Sometimes, yes. Have we made mistakes? Of course-show me one person who hasn’t, and I’ll show you a liar. Do we have conversations about sex, have ads all over the place containing visible cleavage (OMGZ!), and in general like to have some “old-fashioned” fun? Most definitely. Do you know why? Because atheists don’t have to be stodgy intellectuals!

This might be news to you, so I’ll try to take you through it easily. Atheism means one thing-not having a belief in a god. That’s it. It doesn’t mean that for the rest of my life I can only wear a certain type of clothing, can never swear, can’t be overtly sexual or too attractive, can’t have fun, can’t drink, and can only read/watch/listen that which has been deemed appropriate by the Council for the Protection of the Public-Image of All Atheists Everywhere. That is called religion!

It is absolutely bewildering that so many have freed themselves of the shackles of religion only to put on new ones. Forgive my candor, but I’ve seen some atheists lately who appear to have a stick shoved so far up their asses that it is interfering with their neuronal circuitry. Listen guys-you’ll be a lot more comfortable if you just yank it out, plus you’ll have the added benefit of being able to sit comfortably. Eventually, you’ll even be able to maneuver your neck enough so as not to be looking down your nose at everybody else…read more


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