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Response to Bruce Walker’s “The Godless Delusion”

Kelly O’Connor

Bruce Walker’s anti-atheist diatribe, printed in a magazine that touts itself as The American Thinker, is the ultimate in irony. This story is the clear byproduct of one who appears to be incapable of rational thought and instead chooses to regurgitate rhetoric that was likely force-fed to him in those weekly indoctrination camps known as churches.

Mr. Walker starts out his vitriolic falsehoods with the contention that all people instinctively know right from wrong and that people choose evil. If that is so, then why the heavy Christian emphasis on child-rearing? If we are all born instinctively knowing right from wrong, then any kind of instruction or discipline would be completely unnecessary. This is a shining example of Christian compartmentalization. It is clear from their behavior that even they don’t believe their own nonsense.

He continues with the classic argument (if it can be called that) that “evil” is more alluring and easier than “good”. Apparently, he has never studied Euthyphro’s Dilemma. Before we can start assigning qualities to “good” and “evil”, we need to understand what it means for something to be good or evil. How can he claim that it is easier to do evil deeds than good deeds? If that were true, and assuming that humans generally follow the path of least resistance, we would not have survived as a species, much less prospered as we have. Reciprocal altruism and social cohesion are based on treating others well—at least as well as they treat you.

The Christian definition of evil, of course, equates to sinning against god. The inclusion of the repression of human sexuality and the subsequent guilt for things as trivial as thoughts would be what Mr. Walker calls “alluring”. It is alluring because our biology is geared to operate in that fashion. Our ultimate purpose in life is to procreate and ensure the continuation of our genetic lineage. Sex is just as necessary for our survival as eating, breathing, or sleeping. Imagine a world in which monolithic establishments make you feel guilty for thinking about food. The Christian proscriptions regarding sex are just as ludicrous as that hypothetical circumstance…read more


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