The Infallible Pope Benedict Releases Bigoted Encyclical Vilifying Atheism

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The Catholic Church has officially ended their
campaign to improve the public image of the Church with the latest
papal encyclical, Spe Salvi, which means “saved by hope” for
the Latin fans out there. The Catholic Church’s history is littered
with crimes against humanity, and Pope Benedict XVI seems to desire the
return to pre-Vatican II Catholicism. This was a concern voiced by many
at the time that the former Joseph Ratzinger* was canonized to this
position. The former pope, John Paul II, had made great strides in the
modernization of the Church, and many were reluctant to elect somebody
who would reverse that trend. Despite John Paul’s dogmatic adherence to
the sexual proscriptions of Catholicism, he at least officially
accepted evolution, admitted Protestants into heaven, and eliminated
limbo. (Where was that place anyway? I may have been there once…) Pope
Benedict is turning out exactly as predicted.

attempt to correlate atheism with violence, hatred, and genocide is the
faithful fall-back argument for theists looking for a scapegoat. As in
many other situations, their best defense for their beliefs and the
resulting atrocities throughout history is something like, “Atheists
did it, too! Just look at Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot. You’re just like
us!” Well, I beg to differ. Those three well-worn examples did not
commit those crimes because of their lack of god-belief. That is where
the fundamental difference lies. The communist regimes wanted to
eradicate religious belief so that the sole allegiance of the populace
would be to the government. It was not driven by an atheistic agenda per se,
but rather a power struggle with the religious ideologues who would
seek to thwart their dominance over the people. Regardless of what
those particular despots may have done, though, Ratzinger’s claim that
atheism is the cause of the “greatest forms of cruelty and violations
of justice” in history falls flat on its face when one thumbs through
the annals of history…read more

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