Dinesh D’Souza’s ridiculous op-ed in USA Today

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Anybody who has ever perused the “Religion” section of the local bookstore has undoubtedly seen that the sheer volume of available apologetics material is most certainly not in danger of being over taken by the comparatively miniscule, if even present, section of books on atheism. That notwithstanding, the response from believers to books like Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion or Christopher Hitchens’ God Is Not Great has been so vociferous that one would think that it was in imminent peril. As much as I would relish that notion, it is apparent that instead of diminishing, it is in fact increasing–with new names, albeit old arguments.

The newest poster-boy for defenders of Christianity is Dinesh D’Souza. He has written books in response to or publicly debated many of the forerunners of the so-called “New Atheism”. His recent op-ed in the USA Today section “On Religion” (Oct 22, 2007) is but a fragment of the kind of nonsense that passes for valid argumentation in the realm of apologetics. While reading it, one must wonder if he is either a blatant liar or simply downright deluded. (Maybe this could be the D’Souza Dilemma: Dishonest or Deluded?)

The fact that anybody with even a shred of logic or knowledge of history would make it past his opening salvo without lighting it on fire is a miracle of its own. Is he a champion of the provocation of hysteria, or does he realize that atheists don’t want to remove Christianity from the history of the founding of the country–It was never there! Does he not know that we already live in a secular society–we just want to keep it that way? That all of the values and institutions that he claims are “inextricably tied” to his faith existed before Christianity and were instilled in this country which was explicitly created to not have ties to any particular religion? Somebody should point out to him that it is this type of rhetoric against which we rail.

It is not particularly difficult to portray religion as the thorn in the side of civilization. A cursory glance at world politics will reveal that the impetus for the majority of both current and historical instances of bloodshed, terrorism, and genocide is religion. The fact that the entire basis for belief in any god is faith, the definition of which is the antithesis of reason, manifests itself in the fanaticism of its adherents. Whether you call this invisible and undetectable being Yahweh or Allah is of little consequence–were it not for the unshakable faith of the believers, people would be much less willing to kill or die in order to reap the rewards of the promised afterlife…more here


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